Analytical Technology

Flawless processes with optimal production results through reliable analytical technology.

Our services in the area of analytical technology initially comprise the installation of analytic devices and the corresponding mechanical and electrical connection work. Next comes the set-up of sample preparation and analysis systems such as analysis protection boxes, cabinets, containers and housing – each including the complete auxiliary and supply systems.

If required, our trained specialist staff install product piping from the process discharge nozzle to an analytic device by piping, single or bundle or VA pipes of various dimensions.

Following that, we reliably and competently perform the inspections and commissioning of the analytic system and carry out the necessary measurements.

Our measurement principles in overview:

  • Gas detector measurement
  • Humidity measurements
  • Conductivity measurements
  • Sample preparation set-up for complex gas chromatography
  • Ph value measurements
  • Infrared measurements
  • Laser measurements
  • Spectrometer measurements
  • Liquid analysers
  • Miscellaneous analytical measurements (oxygen, turbidity, concentration)

About Griesemann Group

The businesses belonging to the group of companies, INDUREST, JBV, JBV-INDUREST, Griesemann Anlagentechnik and Blitzschutz Graff, combine almost all specialist trades for industrial plant engineering and construction, and through a synergetic cooperation of all business units are capable of realising not only complete turnkey projects but also operations-driven individual projects.