Plant Surveying

Surveying of existing plants with the help of terrestrial 3D laser scanning.

The main task in the area of plant surveying lies in the exact recording of existing plants.

With the help of terrestrial 3D laser scanning, all plant structures can be captured highly accurately in three dimension within a short period of time. The implementation of a scanning project requires the close cooperation of our customers and the specialist trades respectively. It is important to agree on the exact requirements of the scan in advance with regards to accuracy, capture of the necessary properties, preparation and the handover of the data.

On the one hand, the processed laser scanning data can be used in CAD planning tools. There you can find 3D modelling of equipment, piping, steelwork structures and so on, and also use interfering edge models. On the other hand, TruViews can be created from the scans, which offer communication help between the specialist trades and an orientation support for the planners.

Our services in overview:

  • Planning, execution and evaluation of 3D laser scanning projects
  • Transformation of the scans into an intelligent 3D model
  • Preparation of accurate 2D plans
  • Visualisation
  • Collision tests (e.g. planning versus plant scans)

Advantages and uses of 3D laser scanning:

  • survey complex, three-dimensional structures with high accuracy
  • survey difficult to access objects
  • survey operating plants
  • contactless survey of objects
  • very fast on-site survey
  • independent of time of day or lighting
  • survey of all objects in the area

About Griesemann Group

The businesses belonging to the group of companies, INDUREST, JBV, JBV-INDUREST, Griesemann Anlagentechnik and Blitzschutz Graff, combine almost all specialist trades for industrial plant engineering and construction, and through a synergetic cooperation of all business units are capable of realising not only complete turnkey projects but also operations-driven individual projects.