IT Services

Individual software solutions for innovative and integrated engineering.

We support your engineering processes with the following services:

Database supported PI diagrams

For all relevant elements of the PI diagrams, we deliver and maintain data sets in our own databases with associated attributes and specifics. These data sets can be immediately accessed, edited, expanded and issued via the PI diagrams. Furthermore, a transfer of elements and their properties out of the diagram into another document is possible here.

Optimal material logisticsITServices_materialwirtschaft

Distinct transfer of information out of the diagrams to the 3D modelling, and data migration between different planning systems, ensure consistent information status and display. The material take-offs delivered from these integrated databases provide reliable input for the subsequent procurement process. The planning progress in 3D can be mapped in material logistics in an updated form on a daily basis. Interfaces to SAP or similar programs are possible.

Reduction of repeat work

Our software to automate reading, evaluating and exporting of data sets according to defined standards will reduce repeat work. The software accesses assigned sources of data, reorganises and re-administers information, converts it into the intended format and allows the export of the migration to required criteria.

Document control system ITServices_dokumentenverwaltung

Our customisable document control system allows the correct administration and control of all your engineering and project related files – from commercial bids and order documents through trade specific material lists and scopes of work to resource planning and project documentation.

The software offers you the possibility of a customer-tailored project initialisation so that various standards can be flexibly mapped. Personal access management increases the security of processing confidential files. Reliable revision management is possible due to the automated assignment of the current revision status.

Licencing manager for externally licenced products

With the help of this tool, the use of licences for common engineering programs can be centrally monitored, and releases and blocks to avoid unintentional special licence costs can be controlled in a goal oriented way.

FID – Finally Intelligent DocumentationITServices_FID

The controlled request for data via the ident. number is at the core of our administration software within plant documentation. Through the entry of distinct Positioned Item Numbers for machine and equipment, piping and instrumentation, all related documents can be displayed immediately. The search call can also occur from the flow diagrams. A simple display ensures easy usability and high user acceptance.

From the outlined scope of work, we develop configured, customer customised software solutions. Simply contact us.

About Griesemann Group

The businesses belonging to the group of companies, INDUREST, JBV, JBV-INDUREST, Griesemann Anlagentechnik and Blitzschutz Graff, combine almost all specialist trades for industrial plant engineering and construction, and through a synergetic cooperation of all business units are capable of realising not only complete turnkey projects but also operations-driven individual projects.