Revamp of a refinery plant (CEMP 15/23)

Scope of Supply and Services:TGU2VBU_b

Revamp of a refinery plant during the engineering phases in:

  • Basic-Engineering inlcuding authority engineering (8.600 h)
  • Detail-Engineering with construction supervision (46.300 h)
  • Safety review (Safety Memorandum – 800 h)

Technical Key Figures:

Equipment: 48
For example: 8 new heat exchanging devices, 2 revamp of trestles, 6 new burner for furnaces
Piping: 395 new pipings (4.237 m) with
(in portfolio) 428 tie points incl.
Heating: 11.500 m steam heating system with
Civil engineering: 5 bases for equipment according to VAwS
Steelwork: 179 variable spring hanger / spring carrier with steel frame, 1.200 extra supports (primary steelwork), 7 massive steelwork
Others: 1 Revamp air duct furnaces
ICS: 573 new or rescheduling, 15 new control valves
E-Technology: 10 engines


About Griesemann Group

The businesses belonging to the group of companies, INDUREST, JBV, JBV-INDUREST, Griesemann Anlagentechnik and Blitzschutz Graff, combine almost all specialist trades for industrial plant engineering and construction, and through a synergetic cooperation of all business units are capable of realising not only complete turnkey projects but also operations-driven individual projects.